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Welcome to MFE

The MFE Group is able to supply you with a complete range of production means and services. From MFE Machining & Construction BV we internationally supply large (assembled) products and welded high precision constructions up to 20 metres long and weighing up to 80 tons. We are located in Eerbeek.

At MFE Engineering & Industrial Maintenance BV we are active in the field of repair, service and maintenance within various industries and we perform modifications and build machines for the paper and non-woven industry.

MFE has its own Engineering department that is used for the construction of machines and the performance of modifications to production lines.

On this site you will find all information, examples, photographs and references from various projects that we have performed in the On- & Offshore industry, shipbuilding industry, energy market, heavy machine construction etc.

At MFE you will find: "Great solutions for industry".

Machining & Construction

On-/Offshore & Shipping

MFE is able to supply both individual parts and large composite parts to the On- & Offshore industry as well as applications within the shipping industry.

Energy & Rotating Equipment

MFE delivers large machined and highly precise products to the energy market and is one of the international market leaders in the production of roller drums and shafts in general.

Steel & Non Ferro

Heavy machines and components are used for the production of raw materials such as steel, aluminium and brass.

Heavy Machinery

MFE produces large (assembled) products that require a high precision. MFE is able to assemble and machine 20 metres long products weighing up to 80 tons.

Engineering & Industrial Maintenance


The best design is the design that complies with the specifications and that can be produced against the lowest possible price.


Repair, in the broadest sense of the word, is one of the main activities within MFE. MFE does not only provide repairs of components, devices or machines at MFE, but also on site at the client.

Industrial Maintenance

MFE will provide the maintenance of your machines on site. In consultation, the MFE mechanics will be used for the maintenance, individually or in cooperation with your technical department.

Machine construction & Modifications

MFE is able to develop and build complete machines. The combination of our own Engineering, our extensive production facilities, our own mechanics.