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Engineering & Industrial Maintenance

At MFE Engineering & Industrial Maintenance we build and modify machines and perform repairs, service and maintenance within various industries.

At the Engineering department we are able to design and detail complete machines, but we are also able to optimize and improve existing machines. In addition to designing and drawing, the Engineering department performs calculations and provides technical recommendations in relation to designs, materials, bearings etc.

Repair, service and maintenance are performed by MFE, in the broadest sense of the word. The designs can be improved in cooperation with the Engineering department and our team of MFE mechanics is able to provide the assembly and disassembly and to perform mechanical maintenance and revisions independently or in cooperation with your technical department.

MFE has gained experience within various industries such as the paper, printing, non-woven, recycling, food, and raw material processing industry. On this site you will find all information, examples, photographs and references from various projects that we have performed in the various markets.

At MFE you will find: "Great solutions for industry".